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If you seek properties in Urawa city, which has good access to the heart of the city, and apartments along Keihintohoku line, Saikyo line and Musashino line, please leave it to us! We provide total support from apartment searching to move-in and beyond, so please feel free to contact us. All of our staff look forward to seeing you!

  • Takasago,Urawa-ku,Saitama city,Saitama
  • Tokiwa,Urawa-ku,Saitama city,Saitama
  • Nakacho,Urawa-ku,Saitama city,Saitama
  • Kishicho,Urawa-ku,Saitama city,Saitama
  • Shinmei,Urawa-ku,Saitama city,Saitama
  • Higashi-kishicho,Urawa-ku,Saitama city,Saitama
  • Higashi-takasagocho,Urawa-ku,Saitama city,Saitama
  • Higashi-nakacho,Urawa-ku,Saitama city,Saitama
  • Maeji,Urawa-ku,Saitama city,Saitama
  • Urawa-ku,Saitama city,Saitama
  • Minami-ku,Saitama city,Saitama
  • Chuo-ku,Saitama city,Saitama
  • Sakura-ku,Saitama city,Saitama
  • Midori-ku,Saitama city,Saitama
  • Keihin-tohoku line/Urawa
  • Keihin-tohoku line/Minami-urawa
  • Keihin-tohoku line/Kita-urawa
  • Keihin-tohoku line/Yono
  • Keihin-tohoku line/Saitama-shintoshin
  • Saikyo line/Musashisakai
  • Saikyo line/Naka-urawa
  • Saikyo line/Minami-yano
  • Saikyo line/Yonohommachi
  • Saikyo line/Kita-yono
  • Musashino line/Nishi-urawa
  • Musashino line/Higashi-urawa
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