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I am locating the town housing Kitamatsudo store at the place for Chiyoda Joban Line "Kitamatsudo" Station east gate on foot 1 minute.
It is a station of entrance of Joban Line and Shin-Keisei Lines and the next door of "Matsudo" Station with a station mall.
Even if it is considering it as distance, it is the good location of convenience because of 2-km location.

  • Kamihongo,Matsudo City,Chiba
  • Minami-hanashima,Matsudo City,Chiba
  • Kitamatsudo,Matsudo City,Chiba
  • Shinzaku,Matsudo City,Chiba
  • Nakawakura,Matsudo City,Chiba
  • Nakane,Matsudo City,Chiba
  • Mabashi,Matsudo City,Chiba
  • Sakaecho,Matsudo City,Chiba
  • Kogasaki,Matsudo City,Chiba
  • Sendabori,Matsudo City,Chiba
  • Tokiwadaira,Matsudo City,Chiba
  • Matsudoshinden,Matsudo City,Chiba
  • Minoridai,Matsudo City,Chiba
  • Nakaicho,Matsudo City,Chiba
  • Chiyoda Joban line/Kita-Matsudo
  • Chiyoda Joban line/Kita-Kogane
  • Chiyoda Joban line/Mabashi
  • Chiyoda Joban line/Shin-Matsudo
  • Shin-Keisei line/Matsudo-Shinden
  • Shin-Keisei line/Kamihongo
  • Shin-Keisei line/Minoridai
  • Shin-Keisei line/Yabashira
  • Joban line/Matsudo
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