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The Shiki branch of Town Housing do their best to respond to your feedback and requests sincerely and provide services. Wakōshi station has access to three lines, namely the Tōbu Tōjō line and the Tokyo Metro Yūrakuchō and Fukutoshin lines. It also boasts good access to areas such as Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya and so on, and is becoming increasingly popular.

  • Siki city,Saitama
  • Wako city,Saitama
  • Asaka city,Saitama
  • Niiza city,Saitama
  • Fujimi city,Saitama
  • Fujimino city,Saitama
  • Tobu-tojo line/Wakoshi
  • Tobu-tojo line/Asaka
  • Tobu-tojo line/Asakadai
  • Tobu-tojo line/Shiki
  • Tobu-tojo line/Yanasegawa
  • Tobu-tojo line/Mizuhodai
  • Tobu-tojo line/Tsuruse
  • Tobu-tojo line/Fujimino
  • Yurakucho line/Wakshi
  • Fukutoshin line/Wakshi
  • Musashino line/Kita-asaka
  • Musashino line/Niiza
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