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The Shinmatsudo branch is located 1 minute from the exit on foot, in front of the Chiba bank. The Shinmatsudo station has easy access with the JR Musashino line, Shin keisei line, Tsukuba Express line and other important lines. Professional staff familiar with the areas will assist you to find an apartment corresponding to your lifestyle.
We can provide information on properties to satisfy a wide variety of customers, from students to singles to families.
We are confident in our wealth of information and speed of service. We have the latest property information on 1K~1LDK types and 2DK~2LDK/3LDK types; designer properties wish SOHO and other requirements; properties allowing pets, allowing musical instruments, or not requiring a guarantor; and properties with peace of mind such as UR rental properties and condominium properties. Our energetic staff will work hard to take care of your requests.
We are proud of our 31 years in business, the trust and accomplishments of over 50 directly-managed branches and our network. Please feel free to consult with us. We will do everything we can to serve you.
All of our staff look forward to seeing you!

  • Shin-matsudo,Matsudo city,Chiba
  • Mabashi,Matsudo city,Chiba
  • Shinmatsudo-minami,Matsudo city,Chiba
  • Nishi-mabashi,Matsudo city,Chiba
  • Kogane,Matsudo city,Chiba
  • Tonohiraga,Matsudo city,Chiba
  • Hachigasaki,Matsudo city,Chiba
  • Nakawakura,Matsudo city,Chiba
  • Higurashi,Matsudo city,Chiba
  • Sendabori,Matsudo city,Chiba
  • Kanegasaku,Matsudo city,Chiba
  • Monoridai,Matsudo city,Chiba
  • Minami-nagareyama,Nagareyama city,Chiba
  • Hiregasaki,Nagareyama city,Chiba
  • Nishi-hatsuishi,Nagareyama city,Chiba
  • Higashi-hatsuishi,Nagareyama city,Chiba
  • Toyoshiki,Nagareyama city,Chiba
  • Maehirai,Nagareyama city,Chiba
  • Heiwadai,Nagareyama city,Chiba
  • Ushirohirai,Nagareyama city,Chiba
  • Jouban line/Shin-matsudo
  • Jouban line/Mabashi
  • Jouban line/Kita-kogane
  • Shin-keisei Electric Railway/Goko
  • Shin-keisei Electric Railway/Tokiwadaira
  • Shin-keisei Electric Railway/Yabashira
  • Shin-keisei Electric Railway/Minoridai
  • Musashino line/Minami-matsudo
  • Musashino line/Shin-yahashira
  • Musashino line/Higashi-matsudo
  • Tsukuba Express/Misato-chuo
  • Tsukuba Express/Nagareyama-centralpark
  • Tsukuba Express/Nagareyama-otakanomori
  • Tsukuba Express/Kashiwanoha-campus
  • Tsukuba Express/Kashiwa-tanaka
  • Nagareyama line/Koya
  • Nagareyama line/Kogane-josi
  • Nagareyama line/Hiregasaki
  • Nagareyama line/Heiwadai
  • Nagareyama line/Nagareyama
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