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1.Inquiring to real estate professionals

We will soon offer suitable rooms for foreign nationals from our abundant listings; gathered via our network of 111 branch offices in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
Please feel free to inquire via the link below and you will soon receive a call or e-mail from our "professional team"

Before offering candidate rooms, please allow us to ask some questions, which help us find you the rooms which suit you best. We take into account not only the market rents for respective areas, but also transportation costs, commodity prices in each area, and so on comprehensively.

2.Room viewing

Next, our staff will show you your favorite rooms. For those unable to view the room for themselves, we provide support services.


When you are satisfied with the room, please fill in the application form and prepare the documents required for qualification
When renting a room, you must qualify for the property by passing the documentary examination and obtaining the approval of the lessor. Please note that completing the application form with all the necessary documents merely represents an indication of intent and does not guarantee your rental.

Documents generally required for qualification (which may vary, depending on the conditions of the rooms or tenants (you)).
A certificate of alien registration (issued by Japanese municipal government) (original copy)
Certificate of Employment
Student Registration Certificate
Documents to prove your income
Certificate of Authorized Employment
Application for Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted

Concerning RENTAI-HOSHONIN (guarantor (joint guarantor))
Normally, a rental agreement for privately-rented housing in Japan requires a guarantor (joint guarantor). If you cannot find a guarantor, a guarantor substitution service provided by private guaranty company may be available depending on circumstances.

For more details, please contact us.

4.Contract Signing

Once you have passed the examination, you can execute the rental agreement. This is the definitive agreement.
In general, property rental agreements are written in Japanese.
When signing, please be sure to confirm the cancellation clause, the restoration obligation, and conditions on moving out such as how to calculate the security deposit (SHIKI-KIN) refund and so on.


We can offer a partner moving company for your convenience.
For more details, please feel free to consult us.